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Birth Doula

The support I provide includes:

  • Meeting with you during pregnancy for three preparation sessions

  • Helping you formulate your Birth Plan

  • Being available at the end of the phone/text/email throughout pregnancy

  • Being "on call" for you 24/7 in the weeks around your due date

  • Being with you for as long as you wish during labour and birth, both at home and moving with you to hospital/birth centre if that is where you are giving birth

  • Staying with you for a short time after birth, offering support for initiation of breastfeeding, if that is wanted·

  • A final follow-up / debrief session some days/weeks after the birth


I am retired and am only offering services to existing and repeat clients


Hypnobirthing is the use of self-hypnosis techniques to help a woman to feel calm, confident, comfortable and in control during labour and birth.  This, in turn, helps the hormones of birth to flow, and birth to proceed optimally.

I am happy to incorporate hypnobirthing into my doula preparation sessions with you. 

As of 1 February 2023 I have retired from teaching group and individual classes

Postnatal doula

I have as of February 1, 2023, retired from providing postnatal services except to existing and repeat clients.

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